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Makeup, Hair & Nails In Lake Geneva

WELL Spa + Salon offers the best salon services in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We partner with leading companies in the beauty industry to bring you high-end hair and makeup products. With professional delivery fitted for your comfort, we transform your salon experience into a memorable one. Whether you're getting a manicure or fresh hair cut for summer, get the most out of the time you're taking for yourself and soak up the relaxing atmosphere at our spa. Elevate those everyday experiences and treat yourself to the best!

The Best Manicure Deal of the Year

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Detox Foot Soak

Relax your mood and detox your system with this foot soak. You will first soak your feet in a warm herbal bath designed to relieve your body of impurities. Next, you will enjoy a somatology massage on your legs and feet. Pedicure is not included but can be booked together.

25 Minutes
Monday-Thursday $50 | Weekends & Holidays $60

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