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Grand Geneva Resort & Spa offers a variety of lodging options for a unique getaway.

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Team Building At Grand Geneva

Are you looking for fun and unique team building exercises for your company? It's hard getting to know your colleagues when you're simply sitting next to them in a boardroom. Drop the Wi-Fi and boost productivity with a breakout session where your team learns something they can't in the confines of a structured meeting. Our team bonding activities are perfect for breaking the ice, sparking morale and facilitating colleague camaraderie. We hope you'll take away more than just a breath of fresh air. Everyone will return to the workplace inspired and better connected than before your retreat. We have an experienced team of professional team building experts who customize our engaging programs for your group, no matter if you're visiting for a few days or hours.


Charity Team Building

Seasonal Team Building Activities

Fun team building events that are offered seasonally and perfect for incorporating some fresh Wisconsin air into the mix. Weather permitting, these events often take place outdoors and promote light competition. 

Guided Hike
$20 per person | 10-20 people | 2 hours
Join us on our Grand Guided Hike where we will hike the beautiful historic grounds of Grand Geneva and the White River Forest. On top of taking in the beauty, groups will participate in a series of teambuilding challenges along the way. 

$35 per person | 10-20 people | 2 hours
Anchor, aim, and release! Join us for an instructional session to learn or sharpen your archery skills! 

Small Rental Games
$25 per game per hour | minimum of 2 hours
Rent your favorite games and play them with your group! Games include Table Tennis, Corn Hole (Bags), Ladder Ball, Giant Jenga, Beersbee, Giant Checkers, Giant Connect Four, Kan Jam, Big Birdie Golf and Spike Ball. 

Social Team Building

Want to foster a collaborative and social environment, while still focusing on teamwork? Social team building events take out the competitive edge, while encouraging collaboration, communication and execution. 


Competitive Team Building


Grand Race

This scavenger hunt-based activity will get your team moving in the same direction. Once broken into teams, your group will see the sights of Grand Geneva by working together to follow the clues. At each location, they will strike a pose and snap a picture for proof. Along the way, they will scan the property for trivia information and for hidden or rare items found in the many hallways. $35 per person | 10-100 people | 1-2 hours


Grand Challenge

This Amazing Race-based scavenger hunt will have your group following clues and racing around the property. Each team will have 10 clues that will lead them to a variety of locations throughout the resort. $45 person | 10-100 people | 1-2 hours


Family Feud

Survey Says! Join us as we host our take on the famous Family Feud game show. $25 per person | 10-50 people | 1-2 hours


Bag Toss Tournament

Find your partner. Join us for our doubles bags tournament and compete in our double-elimination style bracket for a chance to be the last team standing. $25 per person | 10-50 people | 2 hours