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Grand Geneva

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Teambuilding at Grand Geneva
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Unique Meeting & Group Activities

Team Building At Grand Geneva

Are you looking for fun and unique team building exercises for your company? It's hard getting to know your colleagues when you're simply sitting next to them in a boardroom. Drop the Wi-Fi and boost productivity with a breakout session where your team learns something they can't in the confines of a structured meeting. Our team bonding activities are perfect for breaking the ice, sparking morale and facilitating colleague camaraderie. We hope you'll take away more than just a breath of fresh air. Everyone will return to the workplace inspired and better connected than before your retreat. We have an experienced team of professional team building experts who customize our engaging programs for your group, no matter if you're visiting for a few days or hours.

Popular Group Activities:


Seasonal Team Building Activities

wiNTER team building

No need to wait for warmer weather to bring your team together. We can create a program that suits your group in any season. Seasonal activities include:

  • Extreme Sled Building
  • Race for Charity
  • Round Robin Art
  • And More! 
Indoor Teambuilding

Fitness Activities

For more information about Grand Geneva's team building activities and resort experiences, call (262) 248-8811 extension 3782.