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Grand Geneva

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Teambuilding at Grand Geneva
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Unique Meeting & Group Activities

Team Building At Grand Geneva

Are you looking for fun and unique team building exercises for your company? It's hard getting to know your colleagues when you're simply sitting next to them in a boardroom. Drop the Wi-Fi and boost productivity with a breakout session where your team learns something they can't in the confines of a structured meeting. Our team bonding activities are perfect for breaking the ice, sparking morale and facilitating colleague camaraderie. We hope you'll take away more than just a breath of fresh air. Everyone will return to the workplace inspired and better connected than before your retreat. We have an experienced team of professional team building experts who customize our engaging programs for your group, no matter if you're visiting for a few days or hours.


jump starters

Short and sweet, these Jump Starters will be sure to get your group started on the right foot and are great to add to the beginning of any event. Using only household items, these icebreakers will test collaboration, strategy, communication, critical thinking, and execution. 

blind Camping

$15 per person | 10-50 People
30 minutes

All team members except for one are blindfolded. The team member without a blindfold must instruct the rest of the team to assemble a camping tent. The blindfolded team members are the only ones who can touch the tent materials and move around. They must work together until the tent is fully assembled or the time runs out. 

Hula Hoop Challenge

$15 per person | 10-50 People
30 minutes

In this challenge, team members must work together through two challenges using only a single hula hoop. The first is a Hula Hoop Loop, which will force teams to get everyone in their group through the hula hoop as fast as possible. Groups will be interconnected and racing against the clock. The second challenge is the Helium Hoop, where the team will try to lower the hula hoop to the ground but must not "Grab" the hoop. 


$15 per person | 10-50 people
30 minutes

All team members except for one are blindfolded. The team member without a blindfold must direct the rest of the team through the Minefields without touching any obstacles. If a blindfolded person touches anything they must return to start and begin again. The team member without a blindfold must remain outside of the boundaries and cannot touch or move any obstacles, or blindfolded team members. 

rope Shapes

$15 per person | 10-50 people
30 minutes

Groups will have to work together to create shapes using only a rope. The shapes may be easy at first but they get increasingly more difficult as we eliminate the team's ability to communicate and eventually see. 

Pasta tower

$15 per person | 10-50 people
30 minutes

Each team will get sticks of spaghetti, string, tape, and a marshmallow. Teams will have 10 minutes to build the tallest tower with the supplies provided. The goal is to build the tallest tower while supporting the weight of a marshmallow. 

Charity Team Building

Seasonal Team Building Activities

Fun team building events that are offered seasonally and perfect for incorporating some fresh Wisconsin air into the mix. Weather permitting, these events often take place outdoors and promote light competition. 

Extreme Sled Building
$50 per person | 10-50 people | 2 hours
This activity allows your team to get creative by designing and building their own sled with common materials. Cardboard boxes and other household items come together to form a unique contraption in this communicating and problem-solving activity. Teams will get to test out their creations on the sledding hill once completed. 

$40 per person | 10-20 people | 2 hours
Anchor, aim, and release! Join us for an instructional session to learn or sharpen your archery skills! 

Small Rental Games
$15 per game per hour | minimum of 2 hours
Rent your favorite games and play them with your group! Games include Table Tennis, Corn Hole (Bags), Ladder Ball, Giant Jenga, Beersbee, Giant Checkers, Giant Connect Four, Kan Jam, Big Birdie Golf, Spike Ball, and Darts. 

Outdoor Archery

Social team Building

Want to foster a collaborative and social environment, while still focusing on teamwork? Social team building events take out the competitive edge, while encouraging collaboration, communication and execution. 

Lake Geneva Trolley Tour

$50 per person | 10-28 people
2+ hours

Join us for a one-of-a-kind way to experience Lake Geneva! Guests will enjoy a guided tour of the resort and the Lake Geneva area, lunch, and one hour of free time to enjoy all that downtown Lake Geneva has to offer. 

Paint 'N Sip

$55 per person | 10-50 people
2 hours

Let out your inner artist! Enjoy a glass of wine while participating in a step-by-step painting tutorial where you take home your original masterpiece. 

Pizza Production

$75 per person | 10-50 people
1.5 hours

This culinary experience is part lunch break, part team building. Teams will open their own pizza parlor and create everything from scratch. Then, they'll enjoy salad, breadsticks, and their own delicious creation. 

Guac. and Mojitos

$50 per person | 10-50 people
1.5 hours

Are you looking for some culinary fun? Teams will make Guacamole and Mojitos to add some spice to their break or cocktail hour. 

Chili creations

$75 per person | 10-50 people
1.5 hours

Who doesn't enjoy a big bowl of chili? Work together to make your own zesty dish! Each team will be responsible for preparing a chili recipe. A variety of ingredients and recipes will be provided for each team to make a batch large enough for everyone to sample. In the end, you'll get to enjoy a hearty bowl with your choice of toppings. 

Competitive team building

Scavenger Hunt

Grand Race

This scavenger hunt-based activity will get your team moving in the same direction. Once broken into teams, your group will see the sights of Grand Geneva by working together to follow the clues. At each location, they will strike a pose and snap a picture for proof. Along the way, they will scan the property for trivia information and for hidden or rare items found in the many hallways. 
$35 per person | 10-50 people | 2 hours

Grand Challenge

Grand Challenge

This Amazing Race-based scavenger hunt will have your group following clues and racing around the property. Each team will have 10 clues that will lead them to a variety of locations throughout the resort. 
$50 per person | 10-50 people | 2-3 hours

Hands in the Middle

Family Feud

Survey Says! Join us as we host our take on the famous Family Feud game show.
$25 per person | 10-50 people | 1.5 hours

Corn Hole Game

Bag toss Tournament

Find your partner. Join us for our doubles bags tournament and compete in our double-elimination style bracket for a chance to be the last team standing. 
$25 per person | 20-40 people | 2 hour

For more information about Grand Geneva's team building activities and resort experiences, call (262) 248-8811 extension 3782. all booking must be finalized two weeks prior to the event date. 

All cancellations must be finalized two weeks prior to the event date. Groups that cancel less than two weeks prior will be charged 50% of the total event price. A grace period of 30 minutes will be permitted to accommodate unforeseen delays. Arriving more than 30 minutes late to your scheduled event will be considered as a cancellation and charged 50% of the total event price. Participants are encouraged to dress appropriately for all events. Tennis shoes, lightweight clothing or activewear are recommended for more physical activities in the warmer seasons. A jacket, hat, and gloves are suggested for colder seasons. All prices and capacities are for a single session. Multiple sessions of each event are required to accommodate larger groups. Meeting space rental fee may apply based on room size. All events are subject to an additional 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax and Grand Geneva service fees. Pricing is based on a minimum group size of 10 participants or more. Groups with less than 10 participants will be charged for a minimum of 10 participants unless stated otherwise. We can mix and match, combine activities or even add your own personal twist to anything on our menu. Contact a Teambuilding Coordinator to create your personalized experience.