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Off-season golf training

Golf Brute Camp

The Brute may be covered in snow but don't let that keep you away this winter! Improve your golf game while the course is hibernating this season. Grand Geneva's PGA Golf Pro Kyle Kunash has a program to keep you in shape using his expertise and special technology including our FlightScope launch monitor. Brute Camp is the fitness routine your clubs have been waiting for!

What is it?

Brute Camp is an off-season coaching program geared towards assisting golfers to become more complete players of the game. This program is structured to work on all facets of your golf game during the off-season, giving you the best opportunity to come out swinging with confidence in the spring.

How do I sign up?

Book your Brute Camp experience when you call 262-245-7643 or email 

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10 weeks of coaching - 2 hours per week

$1,199 per student ($1,825 value)

5 weeks of coaching - 2 hours per week

$599 per student ($900 value)

Sessions run through March 13

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Sessions
  • 5-7pm
  • Customizable sessions available upon request with two or more students

sessions include:

  • TPI Assessment ($150 value)
  • Golf specific supervised workouts
  • Video swing analysis
  • Full Swing Coaching with FlightScope launch monitor
  • Short game coaching
  • Mental game coaching including pre-shot routine, swing thoughts and visualization techniques
  • 2019 rule change discussions
  • Access to CoachNow App for easy communication with coach where you can submit videos for review and stay connected all season long
  • 10-Week program includes 6-hole playing lesson in spring
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Watch this

PGA Golf PRo Kyle Kunash shares winter golf tips in the videos below.

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