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Golf Lessons
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Grand Geneva Golf Academy

Golf Lessons Wisconsin

At  Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, we help you improve your golf game with personalized instruction. Led by Head PGA Golf Professional, Kyle Kunash, with over 10 years of professional golf instruction experience, our lessons cover everything from the correct stance for the perfect swing, to golf etiquette. We'll even provide you with a mini tune-up to brush up on your game if it's been a while. Our philosophy is that there is more than one effective way to swing a golf club, and we will help you learn the right swing for you. Using methods designed to improve your ability and skills, you will gain length and consistency.

Golf Lesson Rates

Golf Lesson Rates

Lessons are priced per lesson, not per student.

  • 45 min - 1 Hour Instruction: $75/Lesson
  • 9-Hole Instruction: $175/Lesson (includes greens fee)
  • 3 Lessons: $200
  • 5 Lessons: $325
  • Season Long Packages May-September: $1,299
  • Winter Lesson Package: $550 (includes one round of golf during the 2021 season- restrictions apply)
  • New Year's Resolution Package: $150
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Golf Clubs

Executive Golf School

Experience personalized PGA instruction like never before. Our Golf Professionals will guide you through a uniquely tailored program to instantly improve your game and upgrade your golf IQ. 

  • Small groups ensure maximum individual attention (limit 4 golfers per group)
  • 1-2 days of PGA instruction
  • Lunch at Links Bar & Grill
  • Play 1 of 2 Championship courses after the program
  • Complimentary 18 holes to use at a later date
  • Membership to "Coach Now"

Birdie Package | $450 | 1 Day
Eagle Package | $825 | 2 Days

Short Game: 1 Hour on Chipping Green

  • Day 1 - Striking, contact, distance control, drills and games
  • Day 2 - Learn situational-based shots around the green

Full Swing: 1 Hour on Driving Range

  • Build on striking and contact from short game, video analysis and drills.

Putting: 1 Hour on Putting Green

  • Day 1 - Striking, contact, distance control, drills, games and green reading.
  • Day 2 - Lag putting and advanced green reading.

Sand Bunkers: 1 Hour in Bunker

  • Day 1 - Technique and explanation, levels of bunker players (1, 2, 3) and distance control
  • Day 2 - Learn situational-based shots around the green.

6 Holes On-Course Instruction

  • Planning your way around the course
  • Tailored to each individuals style and level of play
  • Solidify your pre-shot routine

Call the Golf Shop to register, (262) 248-2556. 

Golf Programs

New TPI Assessment

TPI Assessment - $150

Titleist Performance Institute is the leading organization studying how the human body functions in relation to a golf swing. The $150 assessment includes:

  • TPI Golf Fitness screening and evaluation
  • Full report with physical strengths and limitations explanations, in relation to your golf swing
  • TPI My Golf Fitness handicap score
  • 6-8 week custom Golf Fitness and performance program
  • My TPI web account for customized workout plans, exercise demos and more

For $50 more, re-evaluation at completion of 6 week program.
Customized plans available too:

$399 an assessment, plus 3 private 1 hour sessions
$599 an assessment, plus 6 private 1 hour sessions

To learn more email or call (262) 248-2556.

New Year's Resolution Package Features

New Year's Resolution Package Features

  • TPI Golf Fitness screening & evaluation
  • Full report of results with an explanation of physical strengths and limitations in relation to your golf swing
  • A TPI My Golf Fitness handicap score that will be used to measure improvement
  • A 6-8 week custom Golf Fitness & performance program
  • A complimentary My TPI web account to give you access to your customized workout plan, exercise demos and the latest information on golf health, fitness and equipment reviews
  • PLUS a complimentary ½ hour lesson & ½ hour video swing analysis

Call (262) 248-2556 or email to set up your assessment today!

Launch Monitor Lesson and Fitting (May-October)

Launch Monitor Lesson and Fitting (May-October)

  • The flight scope Xi launch monitor is the world's smallest and lightest 3
  • Doppler tracking radar for golf. Don't let its size detract from its performance
  • Driver or Fairway wood fittings
  • Hybrid or Iron fittings
  • Club yardage breakdown
  • Wedge fittings
  • $100 per hour

Spend $300 in the Golf Shop on a club purchase after club fitting or lesson and receive a $50 gift card to be used on your next visit to Grand Geneva

24-hour advanced registration is required. Club rentals available at no additional cost.

Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction Features (May-October)

  • Teaching and practice area
  • Flight scope launch monitor
  • JC video digital mirror video instruction in iPad
  • Instruction available on our championship courses
  • Customized lessons for every level
  • Individual instruction
  • Group lessons
  • Family instruction
  • Proven methods
  • Clubs available for lessons
  • Special club fitting available
  • Packages available

Golf Packages


For more information about lessons call the Golf Shop at Grand Geneva (262) 248-2556 or e-mail us at