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lake geneva resort banquet sous chef

Scott Johnson

Banquet Sous Chef Scott Johnson brings more than 40 years of kitchen experience to Grand Geneva. His leadership roles developed during his time as a cook in the military and his passion for plenty made him a master in large banquet kitchens where he has made his career as a talented chef.

While other chefs may find feeding 1,000 people a challenge, Scott finds gratification after accomplishing a robust meal service every day. He thrives in the fast-paced environment of a busy resort and leaves feeling satisfied after an honest day’s hard work.

“There’s no end to learning when you’re a cook,” Scott says, reflecting on how different cultures take on food trends. “I enjoy teaching the team how to cook the old-school way and discovering opportunities to make improvements with a modern approach.”

As his cooking techniques evolve, Scott continues to channel his passion for flavorful foods, adapted to fit the catering menu.

Change Me

raising the bar for banquets

"Banquet meals should be as good, if not better, than eating in our restaurants," Scott says, raising the bar on culinary for meetings, events and weddings at Grand Geneva.