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Grand Geneva

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Eco Friendly Resort
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eco-friendly Wisconsin Resort

Go Green Program At Grand Geneva Resort

The Travel Green Wisconsin program is designed to protect the beauty and vitality of Wisconsin’s landscape and natural resources. Wisconsin’s natural resources, wildlife and cultural diversity are among its most important tourism assets. Efforts to preserve them for future generations serve the best interest of Wisconsin travelers, as well as its tourism industry and the state’s overall economy. 

Restored Native Grasses

best practices

Travel Green recognized some of Grand Geneva's best practices such as:

  • Local fish, meat, bread and produce are purchased when available. Local partners include Simple Bakery, Yuppie Hill Poultry, Lake Geneva Country Meats, Carr Valley Cheese, The Farmstead, River Valley Farm, Milwaukee Pretzel Company and Lester Bison Farm
  • Strawless drinking cups available at Grand Central
  • Recycling program is in place
  • Highlands golf course has tens of thousands of square feet restored to native grasses & forbs
  • Energy-efficient compact fluorescent and LED lighting are in place

As a Travel Green Wisconsin member Grand Geneva has earned 79 points, more than double the required 30 points for certification. 

Travel Green Wisconsin is a voluntary program that reviews, certifies and recognizes tourism businesses and organizations that have made a commitment to reducing their environmental impact. Specifically, the program encourages participants to evaluate their operations, set goals and take specific actions towards environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Honey Bees

culinary buzz at Grand Geneva

BEE Grand

We are pleased to share news about our Grand Geneva Bees. We harvested over 100lbs of honey from our new on-site beehives. This sweet surprise will be featured in various offerings throughout the resort and restaurants including new hotel guest amenities and paired alongside tea offerings. Executive Chef Nelly Buleje plans to use the new harvest in fall and winter menus including Ristorante Brissago's Sweet Basil Vinaigrette, Geneva ChopHouse's popular Umami Salmon Collars dish featured in the restaurant's famous Sparkling Sunday Brunch and drizzled in the granola bowl in Grand Cafe. Raw honey and honey sticks are also available for purchase in Grand Central. Stop by and pick up a jar!  Craving more bee knowledge? BEE-lieve all of these facts about bees. 

Tesla Charging Stations

New Supercharger stations are now available! Tesla has made it easy and convenient to charge your electric car quickly when you arrive at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. Get notified from your Tesla app when your vehicle is ready to go. Plug in for about 30 minutes and explore the resort! Supercharger stations are in the WELL Spa + Salon parking lot, near the tennis courts across from the Main Lodge.

Tesla Car Charging Station
Herbs being harvested
Herbs Growing
Radish in the Rough

Natural Vegetable and Herb Garden

The Natural Vegetable and Herb Garden was developed as a fresh, local and sustainable green initiative to supply Grand Geneva with fresh field to plate produce. It is used as an educational tool for our culinary students who tend and track the growth and development of the garden. All of the vegetables and herbs were donated by Bonnie Plants in Milton, WI.

100% Non-Smoking

Grand Geneva provides a 100% smoke free indoor environment.