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Grand Geneva

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Golf Course at Grand Geneva
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The Brute

While The Brute can be Brute-iful, watch these tips for how to take on its large rolling greens averaging over 8,000-square-feet.

The brute hole #3

While The Brute is known for its length, Hole #3 is all about precision. Stay short of the two ponds on the right and left sides of the fairway and there's a good chance you'll make birdie. We show you how to fly a club 200-yards so the ball rolls out, leaving you with a short iron in your hand to sink the hole.

The Brute Hole #9

A great way to finish the first 9 on The Brute, this par 4 is Brute-iful. Golfers want to avoid the bunkers on the right and the water through the fairway. We show you how to play a fade, starting the ball down the left side so you can bring it back towards the bunkers. If you're a long-player, you can aim to hit a draw directly over those bunkers, but it's a pretty hard carry.

The Brute HOle #17

The first of two awesome finishing holes, #17 has an elevated tee shot with big bunkers and a heart-shaped pond. We recommend you keep your clubface open at the address to help play the left to right shot.

The Highlands

The scenic views of this links-inspired course will transport you to the hills of northern Scotland. It's known as a shot-makers course, less about the length and more about precision. 

The Highlands Hole #6

Known as the Devil's Elbow, The Highlands #6 is a sharp dog-legged left Par 5. It's reachable in two for the long hitters but we show you how to make birdie when you keep it down the right-hand side off the tee, opening up your second shot around the trees.

The Highlands Hole #9

One of the most challenging holes on the property, #9 on The Highlands earned its name "Bogey's Delight." We advise accuracy is important off the tee shot because if you miss the fairway, you may have lay up even on a par 4. Golfers should aim down the righthand-side and let the ball turn over from right to left for a good shot at hitting the green in two swings. You'll approach a narrow green with a false front, so we recommend going up a club.

The Highlands Hole #15

Put away your driver on Highlands #15. Grab your 3 wood on this shorter par 4 and avoid the bunkers on the righthand side. Ideally, you want to play a draw at the bunkers so you can head back toward the fairway. The green has a ridge in the middle, so you don't want to put too much spin on the golf ball. Go up a club on the fairway and swing easy. Aim a little bit left of the flag and allow the slope of the green to take it down to the pin.

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