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Essential Oils
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Finding Self Care at the spa

Finding time for self-care is the most important gift you can give yourself. Carving out an hour to calm your mind and collect your thoughts can alleviate stress and promote relaxation. For years, spas like WELL Spa + Salon in Lake Geneva, WI have been a hot-spot to treat to your body, mind and soul. With a simple service as quick as 30 minutes, you can find relief from your busy schedule and achieve a better-balanced lifestyle.

The key to finding peace during this retreat is to be fully in the moment. Your hands are indisposed while your nails are painted. Your mind drifts as your face is cleansed during a facial. And your phone is tucked away as you enjoy your massage in a darkened room.

Retreating to a spa goes beyond services. The atmosphere at WELL Spa + Salon is cool and calming. Soothing music plays throughout the rooms, relaxing scents loft in the air and pleasant vibes saturate the scene. Arrive early or stay later for an aromatic shower, time in the whirlpool or sauna or lounge in the tranquil room with a mimosa or tea.

WELL Spa recently added new aromatherapy services using custom blends of essential oils inspired by the natural landscape surrounding the resort. The oils are sourced by Ajne, a boutique natural perfumer and herbalist. They use only the finest 100% plant-derived fragrances handmade by artisans. WELL Spa incorporates the essential oils to enhance relaxation or alleviate a depressive mood. Research suggests it can even help treat fibromyalgia, sinus pain and tension headaches.

The most popular blends are:

  • Be Well which helps with decongestion and focus. Great to prepare for a big presentation.
  • Breathe Ease which helps decongestion and tension relief.
  • Relax which relieves tension and help alleviate chronic stress and boost immunity.
  • Harmony helps alleviate headaches and treat cold symptoms.
  • Clarity which enhances mental focus improves cognitive ability.

$30 off your service

For a limited time, get $30 off your aromatherapy massage. You can book a 50- or 80-minute service at WELL Spa + Salon online or call 262-248-8811. Offer valid through October 31, 2019.