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Samantha Warren-Walters

Professionally trained at Johnson & Wales University on the East Coast, Samantha Warren-Walters didn't know anything about Wisconsin when she moved to Lake Geneva for an internship at Grand Geneva in 2006. Originally from upstate New York, she remembers looking at the 10-point antler chandelier in the lobby and thinking "I'm not at home anymore." 11 years later, she returned to the Midwest as the Executive Pastry Chef at Grand Geneva. Not a lot of pastry chefs can bake and cook, but Sam is a woman of many talents. She and her team are driven by the daily challenge of creating an abundance of impressive desserts to delight both restaurant diners and up to 1,000 banquet guests, often at the same time.

"Dessert is the part of your meal that leaves you with a lasting impression," Sam says. "I want everyone to end their experience on the highest note possible when they eat their final course from."

But the pastry kitchen creates so much more than dessert. They churn out dozens of pastries including homemade muffins, Danish, cinnamon rolls and cookies. Sam remarks that everyone thinks baking is a science and to an extent it is. "But baking is just like cooking. You have to go with your gut to create something extraordinary." 

Change Me

What is the best menu item you've introduced at the resort?

Peanut Butter Bomb

Sam's Peanut Butter Bombs are legendary. When word got out around the resort about the peanut butter mousse domes with liquid caramel centers on top of a brownie with a chocolate ganache glaze, the simple yet complex dessert became her most requested item. You can find the Peanut Butter Bombs in every restaurant starting this summer, decorated for our 25th Birthday Celebration.