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Shawn Clausen

Shawn Clausen embodies Midwest cooking. He should, after all that’s where he grew up! Shawn was born and raised in his grandparents Walworth County diner, “Clausen’s Café.” As he observed locals and visitors come in for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he developed a deep passion at a young age for feeding people. The corner café was so successful because the food was good and from the heart every time. Shawn learned consistency and passion is key.

“Serving the best food you can possibly make every time is the most important quality a chef can possess,” Shawn says explaining no matter how many orders for the most popular dishes hit the kitchen every day, “it has to be perfect every time.”

Shawn started cooking at Grand Geneva when he was only 20-years-old. He quickly proved how universal his cooking skills are, working in every one of the nine restaurants on the property. His leadership drives cooks to serve the best every time, no matter how high the demand.

Without ever leaving Wisconsin for work, Shawn has traveled around the world. His experiences helped broaden his cooking skills and hone in on Midwest flavors in surprising places. Shawn has risen to the challenge of successfully introducing international foods such as falafel, tempura cauliflower and rice bowls to the menu in Grand Café. He’s a master of mixing worldly ingredients while still maintaining the comforting flavors of the Midwest and it’s brought our restaurants to a whole new level.

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midwest is best

“Not everything from Wisconsin has to be cheese, deep-fried or massive portions.” The new dishes at Grand Cafe are fresh and light, exactly the kind of food you want to eat while on vacation.