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Pork on Dining Table
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Nose to tail Dining

Uplands Pork Features

Uplands Creamery, one of Wisconsin’s celebrated cheesemakers, raises a limited number of heirloom hogs every year. Mimicking the Parmesan whey fed hogs that become Prosciutto de Parma, they are fed on the whey from Upland’s Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese. The result is beautiful, ruby-colored pork that’s marbled and sweet. This limited production by Uplands means we are able to acquire one whole hog per year to make its way into these special menus, offering our guests a true nose-to-tail experience. 

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Uplands Cheese Whey-fed Pork

Located only two hours from Lake Geneva in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, Uplands Cheese Company makes some of the state's most award-winning cheeses including Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Rush Creek Reserve. A heritage breed of pigs born and raised on a neighboring family farm are fattened on the rich whey byproduct collected by Uplands during their cheese-making process. Rich with protein and milk-fat, the sweet whey is fed to the pigs May through October and finally finished on apples and sent to a third generation USDA-certified butcher. 

Delivered to Grand Geneva whole, Chef carefully carves the precious pork and creates the delicious dishes you'll find in our restaurants.