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Our Nutritionist and Executive Chef have designed a menu that focuses on blood sugar stabilization and eating high quality foods, clean eating.

This revolutionary program is medically proven to boost metabolism, burn fat, increase lean muscle mass and boost energy levels. No need to worry, this is not a diet program and you will not go hungry with three meals each day and access to our refueling station throughout the day loaded with healthy snacks from 9am-9pm daily.

Enjoy two Chef hosted culinary cooking sessions in our wellness RETREAT private villa. Watch and learn tips, kitchen tricks and techniques while the Chef prepares dishes such as chilled gazpacho, grilled salmon and roasted vegetables which seasonally come from our natural vegetable and herb garden.

If your focus is nutrition and learning more about blood sugar stabilization and clean eating, you may choose to meet with our certified Venice nutritionist each day. You will learn to fuel your body to unlock its full potential, whether you are looking to lose weight or just feel great. There is much more to body confidence than what you eat.