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Massage and Salon Club

We encourage our valued clients to make massage therapy and nail care a part of their regular wellness regimen by taking advantage of this exciting new program. Sign up for this special offer and you will receive as much as 35% discount off of our regular prices. These services are available Monday - Thursday.

  • Massage Club - Receive two 50 minute relaxation massages each month, $150 per month
  • Salon Club - Receive one WELL spa manicure and one WELL spa pedicure each month, $85 per month

To sign up stop in at the WELL Spa front desk or call (262) 249-4750.

These are monthly payments with a three month minimum.

FarmHouse Fresh Seasonal Treatments

Summer Specials (Valid June 1 – August 31)

Walking on Sunshine Beach Retreat FarmHouse Fresh Manicure and Pedicure

50 minutes • $70 Manicures, $80 Pedicures (Mon - Fri) $80 Manicures, $90 Pedicures (Sat/Sun)
Hands and Feet haven’t seen the light of day yet? Well, let’s get them glowing! Legs and hands are immersed into a rich, creamy whole coconut milk soak before being gently scrubbed with a whipped sugar apricot powder, coconut water, and Shea butter micro polish. A custom blended application of Sweet Cream Body Milk and Clementine Sparkling oil nourishes legs and hands into glowy perfection. You might just skip a little on your way out!

Milk & Poppy Softening and Soothing Facial

50 minutes • $120 (Mon - Fri) $130 (Sat/Sun)
Venture beyond bliss with a creamy, cool Green Tea Milk Wash cleansing. We’ll whip you into Shea-sugar heaven with One Fine Day citrus facial polish before a wholesome exfoliation with Mango fruit butter and extract, poppy seeds, rice powder and whole milk. Next, bask in an active yogurt, honey and oat mask that is removed with warm Nectar milk-soaked towels to nourish and cleanse your pores. Your treatment finishes with finesse with a moisturizing and tightening Three Milk Moisturizer and Crow Catcher Eye Transformation Serum. Prepare for smooth sailing after this splendid escape.

Radiant Express Steaming Power Facial

25 minutes • $70 (Mon - Fri) $80 (Sat/Sun)
Get aboard the Radiant Express - it's a 25-minute steam powered revival for pale, sallow skin. This full-on oxygenating, skin tightening, circulation heightening steam towel facial uses a special desert cactus gel for a hot kick that stimulates as it tones. Then, it's all cool from there. A gentle whipped Shea butter and micro sugar polish nourishes as it works, and a soothing yogurt mask shrinks your pores into nothingness. A little sweet Agave Nectar for a dewy, youthful complexion and you're clear for a radiant arrival.

Coconut Grove Body Treatment

50 minutes • $120 (Mon - Fri) $130 (Sat/Sun)
Picture yourself poised under a palm tree, sipping a Pina Colada as the waves gently wash ashore and this luxurious Coconut milk envelopes you. Rich in twenty essential amino acids, this rich soak will leave you feeling renewed. As your journey continues to a Brandy and pear-infused sea salt body polish, you’ll feel an aromatic tingle of freshly softened skin coming alive. Shed your worries and leave looking absolutely luminous after an application of Rainbow Road Shea butter scented with notes of juicy Bartlett pear and soft coconut. Life is a beach!

The Dreamsicle Massage

50 minutes • $120 (Mon - Fri) $130 (Sat/Sun) 80 minutes • $190 (Mon - Fri) $200 (Sat/Sun)
A little taste of your childhood summer memories in this dreamy massage! Dry, parched skin is enveloped in a Clementine oil and rainbow road Shea butter cream blend that will leave you with an instant memory of hot summer days and cool nights by the beach.

Fall Specials (Valid Sept 1– Nov 30)

Caramel Apple Massage

50 minutes • $120 (Mon - Fri) $130 (Sat/Sun) 80 minutes • $190 (Mon - Fri) $200 (Sat/Sun)
A deeply hydrating caramel body milk will invigorate your sweet and scrumptious massage. Your feet will be wrapped in a warmed, spiced-apple cider fizzing foot towel and warm agave oil will complement your feet. You’ll smell good enough to eat!

Caramelized Pear Manicure and Pedicure

50 minutes • $70 Manicures, $80 Pedicures (Mon - Fri) $80 Manicures, $90 Pedicures (Sat/Sun)
Become intoxicated by the smooth rich warm Butter Brulee whole milk and chickory root calming soak. Truly as heavenly as it sounds, this soak will leave your skin feeling divine. Experience an exfoliation worthy of a celebration with the artisanal Brandy Pear Scrub, which brings a succulent balance of brandy-infused California-grown Bartlett pears, sea salt and rice bran oil. Finally we lather on velvety Backcountry Caramel Body Milk Lotion formulated with a blend of 6 natural oils to moisturize and revitalize the skin along with a paraffin dip.

Boo-tiful Instant Radiance Facial

25 minutes • $70 (Mon - Fri) $80 (Sat/Sun)
After a hydrating cleanse with a green tea and coconut cream cleanser, an exfoliating mud mask draws out toxins, bacteria and dead skin, so you’re left with nothing but clean, clear, and soft skin. A vitamin-packed, cactus-infused gel wrap tightens skin and increases circulation as an application of the Eye Perfecting Serum minimizes wrinkles. Three Milks Ageless Daily Moisturizer is used to keep fighting fine lines. You’re left with a glowing flawless face that looks so good, trick or treaters may think you’re wearing a mask! (Extractions not included)

Burdock Pumpkin Butter Stimulating and Balancing Facial

25 minutes • $70 (Mon - Fri) $80 (Sat/Sun)
A pre-cleanse with milk-infused steaming towels opens pores before a whipped Shea butter and sugar polish gently cleanses and hydrates. Next, skin is smoothed with a natural buffing biscuit blend made with calming burdock root, mango butter, skin-enhancing rice powder and whole milk. A mud mask with organic pumpkin puree helps to detox skin - you’ll feel the gentle tingle as it works its magic. A firming peptide-enhanced moisturizer helps soften your deepest wrinkles, while Crow Catcher Eye Serum helps eliminate the look of fine lines. After experiencing this facial treatment, you may just believe in magic!

Sea Salt Honey Pumpkin Rub

50 minutes • $120 (Mon - Fri) $130 (Sat/Sun) 80 minutes • $195 (Mon - Fri) $205 (Sat/Sun)
A fine grain sea salt scrub deliciously scented with notes of honey, cinnamon and nutmeg is custom blended with a thick, rich pumpkin mud puree to provide a thorough, even exfoliation as it helps to invigorate and detox skin. A glowing new you is revealed as you are gently covered with an oil rich in Sandalwood and Amurense Bark extracts, giving skin a nongreasy, but glistening appearance that takes away the appearance of dryness and wrinkles. (80 Minute option includes nourishing pumpkin wrap)

Champions Golf Massage

This might be your secret weapon to lower your score!

Experience the deep heat benefits of hot stone therapy with a focus on the shoulders, neck and upper back. Extra attention is paid to the feet via a peppermint infused foot butter treatment and a golf ball foot massage. Our spa professionals will provide you with some at home tips and present you with a sleeve of golf balls to take home with you.

80 minutes $195 Monday – Friday and $205 Saturday – Sunday

For an additional $70 this unique massage can be received right in our private cabana on the eighteenth hole of The Brute course.