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FarmHouse Fresh Seasonal Treatments


February Specials (February 1 - February 28)

Each February special comes with a Red Velvet cupcake.

Red Velvet Massage

50 minutes • $120 (Mon - Fri) $130 (Sat/Sun)
80 minutes • $190 (Mon - Fri) $200 (Sat/Sun)
A sweet cinnamon scent fills the room as you soak in red hot sparkling oil, a rich blend of hydrating oils, including olive fruit and grape seed with a hint of melted shea butter, for the prefect combination of hydration. Next, a butter brulee steamed towel will lavish your feet while you are whisked away to dream about red velvet cupcakes at zero calories.

Berry, Wine and Chocolate Delight Transformation Facial

50 minutes • $120 (Mon - Fri) $130 (Sat/Sun)
This delectable berry-wine treatment is full of vitamin delight! It begins with a burst of orange and cranberry notes. You'll be pampered with a creamy milk cleanser and whipped into softness with a shea butter and sugar polish. A rich dark chocolate and CoQ10 enzyme mask - chock full of vitamins and antioxidants will go to work for you, fighting free radical damage and leaving a smooth surface behind. A nutritional super-antioxidant cocktail, made from Texas winery grapes, provides a plumped and luscious complexion. Finally, crow's feet are encouraged to run for the hills with a peptide serum that targets deep wrinkles and surface lines.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bliss Body Treatment

80 minutes • $190 (Mon - Fri) $200 (Sat/Sun)
Enter a very dark chocolate palace! A hot butter brulee whole milk soak softens and moisturizes. Next, a skin smoothing Rasmopolitan exfoliation made with sugar, vitamin-rich raspberry extract and organic vodka. Then a warm dark chocolate softening mask is painted over every inch and left to nourish skin with antioxidant-rich CoQ10 enzymes. Last, a dollop of delight! A whipped shea butter and strawberry fruit brings deep, luscious hydration.

Red Velvet Manicure or Pedicure

50 minutes • $70 Manicures, $80 Pedicures (Mon - Fri) $80 Manicures, $90 Pedicures(Sat/Sun)
As you soak in red hot sparkling bath oil, your senses start to heat up. Next, an invigorating sea salt exfoliation with silky rice oil and a soft, sweet cream scent. Once your skin is polished and smoothed, enjoy a white velvet butter cream scented whipped shea butter massage with Whoopee! Cream. Followed by a delicious sundae best chocolate mask and paraffin dip. Finish your experience with a seductive polish of your choice.

Spring Specials (Valid March 1 - May 31)

Into the Garden - FarmHouse Fresh Manicure or Pedicure

50 minutes • $70 Manicures, $80 Pedicures (Mon - Fri) $80 Manicures, $90 Pedicures(Sat/Sun)
Bushels of relaxation await you! Enjoy a calming antioxidant, rich Citrus Cilantro bath soak. Skin is thoroughly smoothed with a refreshing Citrus Grass sea salt scrub. Silkiness and softness is sealed in with an Agave Nectar oil massage enriched with a blend of powerful anti-aging extracts that significantly reduce your skin's water loss. Followed by a Paraffin wax dip and Cactus Citrus mask on the calves that tones. Leave hydrated and quenched, with spring in every step!

Whirlpower Firming Milk and Magnolia Facial

50 minutes • $120 (Mon - Fri) $130 (Sat/Sun)
Get ready for the ultimate in glowing radiance! Your skin is prepped with a whipped Shea sugar facial and micropolish and then cleansed and exfoliated to perfection to clear the way for a raw honey and active yogurt mask to deep clean pores, helping to pull out toxins, and create a firm, pore less appearance. Next, bask in Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer, a rich, creamy botanical milk with firming peptides that instantly work to spur on healthy collagen and reduce deep wrinkles. Finally, a steaming antioxidant compress with Honey Magnolia sparkling soak, rich in grape seed and olive fruit oils, brings a gloriously dewy grand finale finish.

Radiant Express Steaming Power Facial

25 minutes • $70 (Mon - Fri) $80 (Sat/Sun)
Get aboard the Radiant Express - it's a 25-minute steam powered revival for pale, sallow skin. This full-on oxygenating, skin tightening, circulation heightening steam towel facial uses a special desert cactus gel for a hot kick that stimulates as it tones. Then, it's all cool from there. A gentle whipped Shea butter and micro sugar polish nourishes as it works, and a soothing yogurt mask shrinks your pores into nothingness. A little sweet Agave Nectar for a dewy, youthful complexion and you're clear for a radiant arrival.

Lavender Limeade Body Scrub

50 minutes • $120 (Mon - Fri) $130 (Sat/Sun)
The forecast is sunny with a chance of glisten in the air! This uplifting treatment is a guaranteed good day. The invigorating Lavender Hibiscus Mineral steamy towels set your senses to joyous. A Citrus Grass sea salt scrub made with organic alfalfa powder will expel dry skin while leaving a soft glistening finish. Are you ready to frolic through a field of flowers? Because that's exactly how you'll feel after the light citrus Hello Yellow Shea butter scent mingles with the lavender soak. This whipped butter breathes new life into your skin and makes any day feel like spring is in the air.

Citrus Spring Massage

50 minutes • $120 (Mon - Fri) $130 (Sat/Sun) 80 minutes • $190 (Mon - Fri) $200 (Sat/Sun)
Relaxation awaits you in the Citrus Spring Massage. Spring into spring with a calming and hydrating massage. Enjoy the blend of Citrus-cilantro & Agave oil that will be used to quench your skin and leave you feeling soft and hydrated and put an extra spring into your step.