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A Green-Certified Resort

TravelGreenWisconsin Grand Geneva is proud to be a green-certified hotel. As a travel Green Wisconsin member Grand Geneva has earned 60 points, double the required 30 points for certification.

Travel Green Wisconsin is a voluntary program that reviews, certifies and recognizes tourism businesses and organizations that have made a commitment to reducing their environmental impact. Specifically, the program encourages participants to evaluate their operations, set goals and take specific actions towards environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Travel Green recognized some of Grand Geneva's best practices such as:

  • A recycling program is in place
  • Highlands golf course has tens of thousands of square feet restored to native grasses & forbs
  • Energy efficient compact fluorescents and LED lighting are in place

Above all, the Travel Green Wisconsin program is designed to protect the beauty and vitality of Wisconsin’s landscape and natural resources. Wisconsin’s natural resources, wildlife and cultural diversity are among its most important tourism assets. Efforts to preserve them for future generations serve the best interest of Wisconsin travelers, as well as its tourism industry and the state’s overall economy.

More Green Initiatives...

Natural Vegetable and Herb Garden:

The Natural Vegetable and Herb Garden was developed as a fresh, local and sustainable green initiative to supply the Grand Geneva with fresh field to plate produce. It is used as an educational tool for our culinary students who tend and track the growth and development of the garden. All of the vegetables and herbs were donated by Bonnie Plants in Milton, WI.

Networked Electric Car Charging Station:

Grand Geneva is the first Midwest resort to unveil an electric car charging station! Manufactured by Coulomb Technologies, the ChargePoint Networked Electric Car Charging Station is able to fully charge an electric vehicle overnight. Not only is the ChargePoint Station helping Grand Geneva reduce its carbon footprint, but this recharging service is offered free of charge to resort guests and the general public. Learn more about the electric car charging station.

100% Non-Smoking:

Grand Geneva provides a 100% smoke free indoor environment.

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