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Café Gelato

No kid is too old to love Café Gelato®, a Grand Geneva favorite with delicious ice cream as well as specialty coffee treats.

The Italian word “Gelato” means frozen. Gelato is made with fresh milk, cream, sugar and natural flavors. Compared to ice cream, Gelato is creamier, with a silky texture and much more intense flavor. Also, where ice cream is anywhere from 10-18 percent fat, Gelato is only 4-8 percent fat.

Proudly Serving Starbucks CoffeeCafé Gelato features Starbucks Coffee and other Starbucks’ hot and cold drinks. We serve an assortment of fresh pastries, made everyday, to satisfy your appetite. You’ll also find bagels, cookies, biscotti, and fresh fruit cups. To satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s a wide selection of candy and you’ll find the Gelato served in a variety of flavors.

To quench your thirst, the fruit smoothies are made with fresh fruit. You can also order Pepsi Products, Gatorade, and other refreshments. After you get your drinks and pastries please feel free to sit down in our scenic sitting area. Café Gelato is located in the lobby of the Grand Geneva.

Café Gelato is open from 6 am - 9 pm on Sunday through Thursday, 6 am- 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

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